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If you have a document that would be useful for other doulas, we would love for you to share it! Imagine what an amazing resource this could be if every member shared just ONE document! For example, you could share an administrative document, spreadsheet, template, client handout or article. Please email your document to [email protected] and we will upload it.

In some instances, documents may be provided as a GUIDE ONLY. Please do not copy these word for word. If you are copying word-for-word it is usually expected that you acknowledge the original author (unless they have given express permission that you don't need to), so please keep in the (c) Copyright acknowledgement. If in doubt, simply contact the member directly. Please be fair and respectful of your fellow doulas who are sharing their document.

And a big THANK YOU to those who have generously shared their document! :)

Admin Documents

Initial Consultation Sheet - Guide to collect information of and provide suggestions to prospective client. The first page is for my records and the second page is to leave with the prospective client as a value add. You could also use this with a telephone interview as well. Feel free to modify and use without (c).

Christa Buckland

Initial Interview Guide/About Me - I email this to a prospective client the day before our initial meeting. You're welcome to copy the layout but obviously you need to insert your own answers!

Christa Buckland

Letter of Agreement/Contract - You are welcome to copy this without (c) BUT please ensure you modify it to suit your business. No guarantee can be provided for the legal aspect of this document. It is your responsibility to get your own legal advice.

Christa Buckland

Client Feedback Form - this is a sample feedback form that you send to the client after your service is finished. Sample email is also included. Please adjust to suit your business/service and re-write the email in your own words.

Bronwyn Arnold-Briggs

Client Handouts

Birth Reflection sheet - please keep my (c) at the bottom. I usually only use the first page. The second page is mainly for if the client is really struggling to understand why something happened and to explore what she could possibly do differently (next time) to get a different outcome.

Christa Buckland


Lactation Snacks - Cookie and bliss ball recipes

Samantha Gunn

Boobie Bickies

Claire Wyborn


Coming soon.