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Hi everyone, welcome to our Forum! This forum was originally set up before we had a Facebook group (it's pretty old lol) however we've decided that it still may be useful. While most discussion is likely to occur on our Facebook page, please feel free to post anything here too if you wish. We will predominantly be using this forum for association-related discussion or if a decision needs to be voted on or discussed.

We would like to keep the Forum as 'tidy' as possible so please try to post new topics in a relevant category. If you feel that the Forum needs an additional category, please let us know before creating it. [email protected]

If you are not yet a member of our Facebook group, please go to:


General Discussion

This area is for general "chit-chat" and introductions. 

Suggestions for Doula Network

Do you have suggestions for improving and/or developing our Network? Please post here to get a discussion going so we can decide together what to do! :)


This area is for discussions relating to running a doula business.


This area is for discussions relating to clients. Please remember, that you must keep information on your clients strictly confidential. If there is something you need help with however, you can discuss it as long as you do not give details which may id 


This area is for discussions about births you have attended and what you have learned from them. :)


This area is for discussions relating to experiences with post-natal clients and what you have learned from them.

Resources for Doulas

This area is for articles, book recommendations/reviews, links, courses etc for doulas to expand their knowledge. 

Resources for Clients

This area is for discussions relating to client handouts, activities, visual aids etc. You may also wish to upload and share a document on the Documents page.