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New South Wales

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State Representative

Please contact your State Representative if you need help. :)

Name: Virginia Maddock

Phone: 0415 683 074

Email: [email protected]


SarahKate Abercrombie

Noriko Amies

Allison Azzopardi

Jacki Barker

Lucy Barrett

Christa Buckland

Danielle Chenery

Tori Clapham

Trisha Cook

Ellen Croucher

Erika Elliott

Rebekah Fisher

Nadine Fragosa

Denise Georges

Jennifer Hazi

Narelle Horwitz

Sam Leydon

Julia MacLeod

Virginia Maddock

Brooke Martin

Lucretia McCarthy

Amantha McGuinness

Nancy McLean

Casey McMillen

Susan Moir

Sandra Mulligan

Alice Nguyen

Lucy Penhallow

Brydie Pereda

Jenna Richards

Gaby Rodgers

Caitlin Siboulet

Lia Smith

Elizabeth Sullivan

Talia Sullivan

Jerusha Sutton

Lynda Taylor

Clare Trombetta

Anna van Aaken

Els van Leeuwen

Nynke van Oosterhout

Melinda Webb

Central Coast & Newcastle

Fiona Coleman

Lauren Horton

Nimity Keon

Amanda Macdonald

Elya Mech

Karen Scanlen

Gwen Teasdale

Anne Turner

Northern NSW

Laura Bishop (Coffs Harbour)

Chandra Cotter

Tara Luca (Woodburn)

Sharnie McClure (Port Macquarie)

Jessica Nash (Macksville)

Wollongong & South Coast

Amelia Coleman

Briony Goodsell

Aly Kranz

Regional NSW

Ruth Kerr (Wagga Wagga)