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Three-Fold Mission

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Three-Fold Mission

We are very proud of what we are trying to achieve. Our purpose is to unite doulas in the following mission:

1. To facilitate networking between doulas in Australia.

Many doulas train and operate independently without any support. Networking allows for peer support and mentoring. Doulas can debrief with each other, share ideas and encourage one another. Any woman is welcomed into our network, whether they are an experienced doula, a new doula or a student doula. It does not matter where she trained. We believe that we are stronger, together.

2. To coordinate efforts to raise awareness of doula services in the community.

There are many women who would benefit from doula support but are unaware that doulas even exist! Women deserve to know about the wonderful work doulas do and the benefits that can be gained from being fully supported during pregnancy, birth and/or the postnatal period.

3. To raise the profile of doulas and encourage new doulas to train.

There is a great need for more doulas. The staggering rates of intervention during birth, and women experiencing postnatal depression demonstrates that women are in need of support. Being a doula is a rewarding vocation and we want women to know that! Women who choose this path are passionate about making a difference in their community and in the lives of the women they serve.